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Why Get Gold for your IPPT?

The Individual Physical Proficiency Test (or IPPT for short…), one of the rare few topics that bonds all Singaporean guys. 

Besides bragging rights, there are other benefits for striving for the Gold – monetary benefits. Every NSman is entitled to a monetary incentive as long as he achieves a Pass with incentive minimally. 

The reward system is as follows:

Pass with incentive (>60 points): $200

Silver (>70 points): $300

Gold (>=85 points): $500

Since the majority of the NSmen are already working, sacrificing a day for their annual IPPT, and many more days before that to train, may not seem like an actual incentive. It is simply not worth the time. Time that could be spent on rest, on family and friends. 

But wait a minute…  What if I told you that there is a better way to use your IPPT incentive?

An article by Seedly highlighted the differences between parking your money in a typical savings account and investing it in low-risk products. 

Assuming just a Pass with incentive, the difference can rack up to an estimated $886.72. Now imagine if you had decided to run a little faster, or do a few more repetitions for your static stations, this amount essentially comes to you for FREE. This amount scales drastically for the Silver and Gold amounts. 

I see this as an absolute win! Not only do you get to keep your fitness at a certain standard, you will also receive monetary benefits that you can utilise for your own benefit in the future. 

If you are unsure of what products to invest in with your additional IPPT income, do contact your financial advisor for more details! You may also get a copy of Seedly’s calculator here in order for you to estimate your returns. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but on opportunities like this. Pick up your running shoes and work towards that Gold now!



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