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Top 5 Money-Saving Hacks for your Wedding

Congratulations on being engaged to your one and only!

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As much as it is exciting to be starting this new phase of life with your hun-nneh (honey), there are also certainly a lot of things for you to plan. For example, your wedding.

As we all know, weddings are not cheap and there may be some things you would need to compromise due to your budget.

BUT, that does not mean you can’t have the perfect wedding day!

Read on to find out some simple ways to save money for your wedding, yet still make it an unforgettable one!

1. E-invitations

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Traditionally, the bride and groom would send out wedding invitation cards via post. However, living in the digital age, e-invitations could act as a great alternative as they could also be as beautiful as the physical ones!

Check out Canva for some inspiration on ✨aesthetics ✨ wedding e-invitation card designs!

Not only does E-invitation cards save you money as you Do-it-yourself (DIY) via free online platforms (e.g. Canva), but also makes it easy for your invitees to RSVP via Whatsapp/ telegram/ Google Form.

2. E-Menus

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Extending from the same logic as above, you could go for E-Menus in which they are presented in the form of a QR code for your invitees to scan when they are seated. This is cost-saving and fuss-free as compared to printing out physical ones!

3. Engaged your friends as Emcees

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In your group of invitees, there must be a few who have a flair in talking right? If you have a person in your mind right now, engage him or her to emcee for your wedding instead of hiring a professional one!

Besides saving you money, having your friends as your wedding emcees would make your wedding more candid and personal—and who wouldn’t want that?

4. DIY your wedding photobooth

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If you are planning to have a photobooth at your wedding but also worried about your budget, you could DIY it!

As you might need some ideas for your photobooth, head over to Pinterest for some inspirations!

For the materials, you could try heading to Daiso, TaoBao or Shopee where you are more likely to find cheap and good deals.

5. Engage your friend as a photographer

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While you might want your friends to be able to enjoy the day/ night of your wedding, you could try engaging them (one who is great at taking photographs) to be your wedding photographer.



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