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Top 5 home renovation money-saving hacks

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Woohoo! Congratulations on your new home (or, old but you just want to give it a new look)!

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You now have a house (hurray!), but you want a home and there is a budget you need to adhere to.

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Well, with this article, it might not be a downer anymore! We’d be sharing with you 5 home renovation hacks that would help you save some money, yet potentially achieve your dream home!

1. Execute your Renovation Work Bit by Bit

Lay out your priorities for the house. Which part of the house requires renovations first? The flooring? The windows?

I know, you are excited to quickly transform your new space into a safe haven that you (and your partner) could come home to. But, by focusing and working on parts of your house bit by bit, better choices could be made. Plus, both your wallet and mind could avoid being overwhelmed!  

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While you have a budget to adhere to, it does not mean you cannot achieve your dream home! It would just take a little longer, but slow and steady wins the rest m’right?  

2. Use Vinyl for Flooring

Skip the drilling noises and expensive costs for hacking, opt for vinyl instead! With vinyl, you have a range of designs to choose from and it is more affordable. While vinyl is fairly easy to scratch and dent, it is generally long-lasting and water-resistant.

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3. Paint Yourself

While you’re at it, might as well have a cute indoor dating activity with your partner, or even your friends, by painting the walls yourselves! Not only would you create enjoyable memories while building your new home, but also save money from hiring painters or designers for your walls!

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Definitely head over to pinterest for more ideas!

4. Carousell or Taobao

First- or second-hand, you would be surprised to find some gems in Carousell and/ or Taobao!

If you Sherlock Holmes these platforms, you might be able to find things that are in good condition, generally durable and at an affordable price!

Check out this video to see how this guy bought several of his home items from Taobao and made his home into a smart one! Super cool.

5. Pay Using Your Credit Card

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As renovation works and furniture tend to be in huge amounts, using your credit card to pay could help you earn rebates and cashback!

Fill up this form if you need somebody to help you with your financial planning so that you could achieve your dream home!



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