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Top 5 hacks to save money when buying groceries

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Now that you have entered adulthood, you can’t run away from basic responsibilities such as paying the bills or buying groceries. Remember the time when you were little and would ask your parents if you can buy a certain snack without caring about the price? Sadly those days are over. Here are some hacks to save money when buying groceries!

#1 Plan your meals

-have an idea of what you want to cook, ingredients can be used for multiples meals! (e.g vegetables/meat)

#2 Have a shopping list

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Cross check with the items you already have in your kitchen so you do not buy it again and have an excessive amount; or worse, you eventually throw the excess away.

#3 Compare prices from different supermarkets/ look out for promotions

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Typically, items in Cold Storage/ Fairprice Finest cost more than NTUC and Giant. As these supermarkets carry generally the same items, things that you want can very highly likely be found in NTUC and Giant (the cheaper options)! 

In a supermarket itself, there are items imported from all over the world. For example, you would find strawberries from Australia and bananas from the Philippines. It goes without saying that items from neighbouring countries would be cheaper. Hence, just ask yourself: do you really have to eat strawberries from Australia or can you just go with other fruits?

Additionally, look out for continuous promotions by the supermarket! For example, Giant offers a senior promotion of 3% discount for those 60 years and above! So if you’re caring for an elderly, you can help settle their groceries while buying yours!

#4 Use of credit cards/membership cards

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There are membership cards offered such as NTUC(?) Plus! or Passion card where you are able to earn rebates points and redeem it!

There are different types of credit cards offering different rebates with either no minimum or a minimum amount of spending. It is good to have a credit card that you would use often.

You can check out Moneysmart for the different credit cards offered by all banks!

#5 Only buy necessities!

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This would be easy if you have a shopping list (hack #2)

Avoid being tempted by junk food such as chips as you might think it doesn’t cost that much but the accumulation of money spent on it over time can eat out of your savings quite a bit!

The most deadly temptation would be ice-cream especially the well-known brands such as Ben & Jerry and Häagen-Dazs! It is good to treat yourself to it once in a while but not too often!


It is very easy to lose track of yourself when it comes to shopping! But with the new 5 hacks and some self-discipline, you would be saving a lot in the long run!



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