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Quickest Guide to your Best Supermarket in Singapore

If you thought every supermarket is the same… think again!

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In every normal business, it needs to have a unique selling point so as to stand out from the rest and attract customers. 

Same goes for supermarkets. Depending on your lifestyle and/ or needs, certain supermarkets might be more suitable for you!

While Singapore has a variety of supermarkets, I will be sharing a few must-knows of our common supermarkets so that you have a better idea which to patronise according to your needs!

1. Sheng Siong

TLDR: If you are feeling lucky and think you confirm plus chop will win a lucky draw.

When you see Sheng Siong, I’m sure you can’t help but to think of the “bai bei, bai bei” (100 times) chant or… this:

Sheng Siong offers an average range of products and at a reasonable price range where you will most likely be able to find your regular local ingredients there. Best part about patronising Sheng Siong is that you stand a chance to win a lucky draw regardless how much you spend there!

2. Fairprice

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TLDR: If you want to earn LinkPoints which can be used to offset your future purchases.

Fairprice, or more colloquially known as just “NTUC”, is also another supermarket that offers an average range of local products at a reasonable price range. If you are looking for more product variety, such as international ones, you could go for Fairprice Finest! Best part about shopping at Fairprice is that you can collect their LinkPoints and/ or rebates!

3. Giant

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TLDR: If you are looking for the cheapest deals.  

While Giant is also similar to Sheng Siong and Fairprice in terms of variety and price range, it usually has more offers to save you money! Best thing about shopping at Giant is that you are more likely to be able to find its $1 bag of truffle chips… 

4. Cold Storage

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TLDR: If you are looking for international or premium products.

As compared to rest, Cold Storage offers a wider range of products such as smoked salmon and plant milk. It also offers a larger variety of brands including international ones; but this would also mean Cold Storage will slightly be on the pricier range.


As mentioned, depending on your lifestyle and/or needs, you could see which supermarket would be better to patronise at that time (besides considering which supermarket is nearer to you).



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