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Introduction to investment: SSB vs Fixed Deposits

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) is one of the safest investment products in Singapore, due to them being offered and backed by the Singapore Government. 

On the other hand, a fixed deposit account is also one of the safer options for investments. 

So which is better?

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Singapore Savings Bonds

The Singapore Government has issued its own type of bond, which has since grown to become a decent investment vehicle with a good level of returns, given that it is virtually rickless. 


  • Generally higher average returns
  • Less risks


  • No withdrawal during lock-in period (10 years)

Fixed Deposit Account

A fixed deposit account is a type of bank account that pays account holders a fixed amount of interest in exchange for depositing a certain sum of money for a certain period of time. It is similar to a typical bank account except that you’re locking a fixed amount of money within a fixed period of time. Withdrawals can be done at any time, which results in no/lesser interest received. 


  • Immediate withdrawals are possible
  • If you have a large amount, you are able to negotiate with the bank for a higher fixed deposit rate


  • Returns might not be as good as SSB
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Generally Safer Products

It is important to note that these two investment options are both generally safer than the majority out there, so you should not be expecting “out-of-this-world” returns from these products. 

Should you be more interested in the idea of parking your excess funds somewhere safe, with a higher return than your everyday savings account, then you should definitely park your money into either of these products, depending on your preference. 

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But if you’re someone that’s keeping your eyes on the big money and willing to take the risks, I would suggest that these products might not interest you. 


All in all, many investors employ a mix of SSBs and fixed deposit accounts, in order to get the best of both worlds. And while cliche yet mandatory, always do up your research and contact your financial advisor should you need a consultation! 



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