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Delivery vs Cooking at Home: Which one is more cost-effective?

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It’s the pandemic, and you’re hungry, but you can’t decide whether you should order delivery or cook at home? Well no worries, here are some quick comparisons between both options to allow you to decide which is best for you!

We all know the cost saving option would be cooking at home but that would be in terms of price. What about non-price factors such as effort, time and health aspects?

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The headline speaks for itself! The lower the cost of the meal, the better it would be!

Cooking at Home

In order to cook at home, you would have to buy the ingredients yourself at the supermarket. This will allow you to scout for the cheapest ingredients due to different brand pricing. By considering the different supermarkets, NTUC Finest groceries are more on the pricier side as compared to NTUC or Giant!

Not only can you decide what ingredients you want, you would be able to portion it out over a few days!


Delivery services are much more expensive due to the mark up price on the dish, delivery fee, small order fee and service fee which can cost more than the dish itself! Some delivery platforms even have minimum order so if you don’t hit that mark you would have to top up the extra! So is it really worth it?


Cooking at Home

Cooking at home is no easy task! From finding recipes to planning out what ingredients to get and having to get it yourself and lastly actually cooking the meal itself takes time! (Let’s not forget cleaning up too…). If you’re a beginner at cooking, it sure would not be an easy task but it will get better over time with practice! 


It is effortless to use a delivery service, all you have to do is select what food you want, make payment and wait for it to arrive!

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Cooking at Home

Unlike food delivery, you are able to enjoy the food immediately after cooking. The delivery driver would have to make multiple deliveries so it might take awhile before your food reaches you!


We all know that for certain food, the longer the time between once the meal is prepared and eaten, there would be a change in how it taste. For example, noodles can get soggy over time. Who would want that!

Health Aspect

It is proven that those who cook at home have a much more healthier diet than those who regularly order through delivery! 

Cooking at Home

When it comes to cooking at home, you have total control over what is going into your food unlike delivered meals that tend to contain higher amounts of sodium, saturated fat, total fat and overall calories!

Additionally with home cooked meals, you’ll be able to portion food sizes and calorie count to prevent overeating! Recipes online or cook books tend to come with nutritional information and serving size suggestions!


You have no control over what they put inside, unless you pick restaurants that are healthy and transparent in the ingredients they use–so that you make a better-informed decision. 

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In the end it all depends on your lifestyle and priorities. If you want to save costs or have a healthy diet then cooking at home would be the best option. But if you’re busy with work and do not have the time to cook, delivery would save the time for you but it would be good to cook at home now and then!



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