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Automation: Humans need to upskill

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Automation is inevitable as it is part of the transformation process. According to The Straits Times, up to 20 million manufacturing jobs will be lost globally to robots by 2030. Automation does not only affect the manufacturing industry but the service industry as well. Most commonly where there are self-checkout kiosks or ordering through a tablet at a restaurant rather than a waiter taking your order. 

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Why do humans need to upskill?

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world where there are constant unpredictable changes. There is a change in demand for skills in the job markets. By upskilling, there would be greater job opportunities which could possibly result in earning a greater income.

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What jobs are going to be automated?

Despite certain jobs such as unskilled labour jobs being replaced by automation, there will be new jobs created. The new jobs being created would require a different skill set. Automation will replace labour and administrative jobs but there would still be a need for skilled leaders and employees to take up for complex roles. For example, automation would be used in production lines but employees are needed to problem solve and ensure operations are running smoothly.

There is more emphasis on soft skills like empathy, advanced communication, entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and many more that cannot be replaced by technology. In order to overcome the skill gaps, humans need to upskill themselves in order to be suitable to fit into the new jobs roles created.

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What can humans do to upskill?

There are many ways we can upskill ourselves by taking online courses or courses at a polytechnic or even using Skillsfuture. Skillsfuture a national movement that provides opportunities for all Singaporeans to develop to their fullest potential at different stages of their lives


If you decide to upskill only when required, it might be difficult to do so. Lifelong learning will help you continuously upgrade your knowledge and skills so that you are prepared for the future.



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