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5 practical things you should consider when buying a house

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“Wa, your house damn aesthetics sia”

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That’s probably the first thing someone says when he/ she steps into a new house for the first time.

While it is certainly natural that the bulk of the attention goes to the ✨aesthetics ✨ of the house, we need to also give some attention to the practical aspects!

Without considering them, I’m afraid ✨aesthetics✨ won’t be sustainable as well. To ensure your house is really home-listic, both the aesthetics and practical aspects have to be great right?

1. Accessibility

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If the gif above ain’t relatable to us Singaporeans … (during non-covid days of course!).

Commuting can be a dread sometimes, so might as well make the journey to commute a little more bearable right?

When buying a house, definitely look at the nearest MRT stations and bus stops, how to get there from your potential new home and the time taken to get there. Basically, how long or convenient is it for you to commute to other parts of Singapore from your new home. As commuting is part of our everyday life, these are certainly crucial points to take note of! Even if it isn’t (if you have a car or bike), your future guests might appreciate it!

2. Amenities & Facilities

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If your new home is going to be a place where you will be for 24/7 for the next few years, you definitely want to consider the nearby amenities such as supermarkets, malls, gyms, and coffee shops, etc. Basically, amenities and facilities in relation to your lifestyle!

With valuable amenities and facilities, it could also fetch a higher selling price for your house (if you want to sell it in the future).

3. Noise Levels

You know the feeling when you get woken up by drilling noises?  

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While this only comes once in a while (hopefully), what is more crucial to take note of would be the noise around your potential new home!

For example, is your new home near the main road? If it is, it could mean that you’d be hearing quite a lot of honking and revving of engines every day! However, if you are the type of person where you cannot stand silence and enjoy a bit of environmental noises, this could still be bearable for you!   

4. Sun and Wind Direction

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Yes. It’s time for you to be a Zhu Ge Liang (a Chinese strategist) and consider the sun and wind direction at your new home.

For example, if your potential new home faces the east and west direction, it will be perpetually hot because the sun will shine into your house from start till end every day.

If you would like a more comprehensive and local explanation on this, do check out this.

5. Schools

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If you are intending to settle down in this new home with your partner for long and both of you are planning to have children in the long-run, checking if there are schools nearby is something to think about!

Not only does this influence the probability of your children enrolling into those schools, it would also save your children’s traveling time and fees. Otherwise, you might really have to drag them to school like the gif above!



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