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5 Budgeted Wedding Proposal Ideas

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Ahh you’re at the point in your life where you look at your partner and think I want to marry her.  Rather than asking “wanna bto?”, why not propose in the most romantic way possible? Holding weddings can be expensive so if you’re looking for a budgeted wedding proposal idea but still be a surprise, well this article is for you!

#1 Picnic for 2 

There are many businesses that help you set up a picnic area or rent out tents for glamping!

If your creativity is on the roll, you can always set up a nice picnic yourself at beaches, parks or attraction garden spots! A few locations would be Botanic Gardens, Sentsa beach, Hortlawn or marina barrage!

Do remember to check the weather forecast in advance!

#2 Romantic dinner at home (if you are a good cook!)

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Nothing is better than expressing your love through cooking. Dining at home allows you to express your creativity through cooking and decorating the place with candles and flowers.

#3 Staycation

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There are many hotels in Singapore that you can choose from. You can request the hotel to help with decorations or do it yourself! After your proposal, both of you can enjoy a relaxing stay!

#4 At a scenic location!

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There are many heritage trails and attraction spots that are perfect for your proposal!

Here are a few locations you can consider:

  • Flower Dome at Garden by the Bay

With exotic plants from five continents being displayed beautifully, what a sight it would be to propose with the beauty behind her! Do note you would have to purchase tickets to enter which can be done so here!

  • Jewel
  • Singapore Science Centre 

Does your partner love the stars in the sky or are you keen on doing something unique? Well how about proposing under the stars? The Science Centre Observatory (SCOB) that is at the Science Centre is one of the few in the world that is located along the Equator! For more information, you can visit this link!

There are many other scenic spots which you can check out at Zula!

#5 DIY

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If you’re up for a challenge, you can do a DIY proposal! You can create a jigsaw puzzle or even a scavenger hunt with the help of your friends and family! They would be able to be involved in the process and what a lovely qay to propose with them around!



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