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5 affordable wedding gifts that newlyweds would LOVE

Ahhh… weddings. A significant milestone between two lovebirds. A day where people come together to celebrate and congratulate on their love.

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As you reach your mid 20s, you’d likely have lots of wedding invitations pouring in as the people around you (or even yourself) are getting married!

As much as it is a joy to find out you’ve been invited to a wedding, it also means you would need to prepare some money for your red/ green packet for the couple. And… if you have 7 weddings to attend in a year (no joke, it really happened to my friend), you might see a burnt hole in your pocket.

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However, if you are still eager to prepare a wedding gift for the newlyweds (or if you are a student), let me share with you 5 affordable yet great wedding gift ideas!

1. Personalised Couple Coasters

As almost everyone needs a daily cup of coffee, tea, or even water on their desk as they work, coasters are such useful and brilliant gifts for the couple as they start moving in together!

Check out some of these instashops!



2. Personalised Jewellery or Key Trays

If you have experienced days where you are already in a rush and you can’t find your jewellery and/ or keys (because you left it god-knows-where), you would know how important a jewellery or key tray is! This could be an important gift for the newlyweds as they live together.


Handsdesign also offers resin coaster and tumbler workshops that you could check out!



3. Personalised Couple Keychains

I mean… there is never enough keychains m’right. But these keychains would be special ones for the newlyweds!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CPnQJ1rr1Fv/ (@justsomesimplethings)

https://www.instagram.com/p/CQScwxaLQZu/ (@fleurandsparkle)

4. Personalised Couple Pouches

There are also never enough pouches. Your newlyweds could keep their stationery, portable charger, or… the red/ green packets they would receive in their personalised couple pouches!



5. Unique Ornaments

Nothing like making their house look ✨aesthetics✨ yet remind them of their love with these unique ornaments.






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